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M/S BENGAL TECNOLOGICAL CORPOTATION LTD (BTCL) is one of the leading Engineering and Indenting Company in Bangladesh since 1977. The sphere of its business activity covers selling of all kind of Textile machinery and Engineering equipment mostly from Europe and USA, Provide modern fighting system for high rise buildings, Construction of deep tube well and Mechanical erections.
M/S BENGAL TECNOLOGICAL CORPOTATION LTD (BTCL) is operating their whole operations through three major sections like Textile, Mechanical, and Deep Tube well (DTW). About 150 people including Business professionals, Engineers, Sales Experts and skilled workers are strengthening the company's business wings. The result is that BTCL has captured the major market share of all the ways they walk through.
The planning and R&D of BTCL is always looking for new technologies which can be suitable for Bangladesh to support the different Industry and economies the running cost with high efficient technology.
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